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Our products are personally hand painted and signed by Dorothy De Long, who has over forty years experience as a China painter and teacher.

About China Painting

The porcelain products start as plain white or off white objects that are made from porcelain clay using a process called 'slip casting' (which is an art form in itself). They have a bisque (or matte) finish.

China painting is a decorative art that has been around for centuries. Dorothy paints the flowers or scene directly on the bisque free hand, then it is 'fired' at temperatures ranging from 1300 to 1700 degrees, depending on the colors used and other factors. She will paint and fire several more times until she is satisfied with the results.

The china paints she uses are made from a mixture of different kinds of minerals (for color), a specially ground glass (as a flux material), and a medium to suspend the paint on the porcelain until it is fired. This firing causes the paint to permanently bond to the porcelain. In addition to the many paints colors we use, there are many painting techniques. Raised enameling can be used to enhance flowers, scenes or snow. Scrolls are sometimes used to form a frame. (No decals are ever used.)

Dorothy's talent was sought out by Disneyland where her products were prized. Dorothy's porcelain thimbles were used in England as part of the celebration of the Wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The Smithsonian displayed one of her Betsy Ross thimbles on the 200th birthday of the United States. Dorothy has shared her talent by teaching many seminars to china painters, and is highly acclaimed by her peers.

Because they are painted free hand each piece of porcelain painted by Porcelain by DeLong is unique.  Dorothy paints with the hope that the hand-painted piece of porcelain you chose will be a treasured keepsake for years to come.

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